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It is your page.
Of course it is all about you.
What are you ALL about?

MATTHEW 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Don’t lose your
self in yourself.
self is good.
self is ‘ish’.

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Not because you must, but because you are willing.


ONLY you can make the call

temptation chalk talk your call image

We all are tempted.
We all face temptation.
Let’s look at the root word defined by Webster’s Dictionary;

tempted; tempting; tempts
transitive verb
1 : to entice to do wrong by promise of pleasure or gain

Hey… Glad to recognize all temptation is not of Evil…  You can be tempted to eat a little more ice cream, right?
But, when it comes to what you know to be Right Vs. Wrong…  Temptation is usually not visiting you tempting you to do the right thing… right?

The most interesting thing I find about temptation is that it does not demand from us, it merely suggest.
It does not and cannot make us act, react, or cause us to do anything!
When temptation visits you it’s your chance to be the Coach, QB, man with the ball, puck,  or ?…  with seconds left, and it’s going down to the wire.  Often you have to act fast… in fact it’s best to act fast… just turn and flee.  Thinking while tempted usually turns out bad.
You..  only you can make the call.


1 Timothy Chapter 6

Not because you must, but because you are willing.




Aright… bring it in, listen up.

Let’s say you stayed out too late the night before the game.
Let’s say you didn’t do your homework, you didn’t study and you flunked a test that you needed to pass to make the grade to;
A. Stay in school
B. Remain eligible to participate in your sport.

Let’s say you skipped practice, you said something ugly to your coach, you reacted poorly to someone.. you bullied someone, your being bullied, you got in a fight, you don’t want to fight but don’t know a way around it?

This is a short list of things we experience or have heard about, or we have seen others experience.
We face our mistakes often. We face other’s mistakes often.
We face circumstances we cannot control.
We face the seemingly impossible.

This is very important…
ALL of these things happen outside our sportYet, these things greatly effect our performance in our sport.

Here’s the Chalk Talk question…
Who do you talk to about these things?
Hopefully your parents.
Hopefully your Coach.

But.. if we are facing the one that we fear disappointing the most… we often avoid them at all cost for that very fear… disappointing them.  Yet, we still have the issue floating around in our head’s or heart’s or both!
Who do you talk too?

Listen and do!
Find someone.
Find a teacher, a friend, a parent, a pastor, a librarian, a fireman, officer, military member… Find a Coach.  Do not let things stir in your heart and mind too long without TALKING about it.

If you don’t feel you can approach your parent(s), coach(s)… at least let them know you want to talk to someone about ‘something’, be honest and let them know that it might not make sense them… but, you fear talking to them about it.  Ask them to try to understand.
Maybe ask; “Can you help me find someone that I can talk too”?  They will most likely push for a topic.
PARENTS… please try to understand what is at stake if your child/athlete comes to you with this request.
Give them permission to freely ask you to ask someone for help… help them find someone you think might be able to listen to them without the judgement they probable fear the most… yours.

Here at The Chalk Talk Blog we talk.. and we use chalk to start the conversation.
VERY IMPORTANT… We also Listen. (a topic for future blog post)
Sometimes we see very young children do the same with crayon’s.  They try to communicate thing’s they might not understand, or they are afraid to say, or don’t know how to say?
Here we start with the situation at hand… the here and now.  We live in realville.
We identify and talk about what is, was, why and what might be.
We take a time out and create a game plan and then we practice it and then we implement it.
All the while choosing right attitude and staying as positive as we can.

Faith, Hope and Love.  We cling to these.


Not because you must, but because you are willing.




ESPN Fair Game


All right… Bring it in and listen up.
Take a break, relax… In fact let’s say for the sake of this blog post… your practice is over and I want to give you some things to do at home that might give you some perspective on why we do what we do!
How about a Chalk Talk on watching TV?
I would imagine most that read The Chalk Talk Blog Post have spent at least a fair amount of time watching ESPN. Even if you we have not been intently watching the channel, we most likely have it on… even while doing other things in our homes.
When you find yourself sitting in a room with ESPN on… or you are channel surfing, choose ESPN and spend some time watching whatever program is on at the moment.
What I would like for you to do is pay attention to the content of what you are watching.
By that I mean;

(1) How much of what is being shown is visual coverage of the actual game, players in a game or players in competition play? (even during a game notice the topics the commentators are discussing)

(2) How much of what is being shown is more commentator oriented? Are you watching those (TV personalities) giving their thoughts and opinions about; players and teams?

(3) Now what I really want you to take notice of is this;

How much of what you see and hear is devoted to the performance of the players on the field and how much of what you see and hear is devoted to the LIFE off the field?

Pay attention to notice how much of LIFE off the field or court is covered and discussed.
Notice entire series (30 for 30) that are dedicated to the athlete’s LIFE off the field or court.

Notice the discussion of behaviors, money, and lifestyles.

We all had coaches that coached us on the field and court.
With this in mind… Of all the athletes you saw on TV… how many of them do you think had a Coach giving equal coaching time to LIFE as they gave to their sport?

ESPN originally stood for ; Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
Sports competition/Live Games are entertaining with little help form commentary.
So… the content for commentary on the entertainment side usually comes from outside of the game(s) itself.
The individual athletes LIFE often becomes Fair Game for ESPN.

This means You!
Get Coached.
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Not because you must, but because you are willing.





Follow a Path . Make a Path

You are a player on a team.
You have a Coach.
You like this Coach. You respect this Coach.
You believe in what this Coach is teaching you, directing you to do… where to be and what to do in specific situations and circumstances that are ever rapidly changing.
You trust this Coach to provide you with a path… a path that you will willingly follow.
This is the time to Follow a Path.

You are a player on a team.
Your Coach let’s you and your teammates know that you are about to do a drill that everyone hates.  You know the drill… you all know what the coach calls it, and you also know what you and your teammates have nicknamed it.
The dread hangs over the gym, the field, the practice as everyone feels the weight of what they know is to come.
Everyone anticipates the inevitable horrible next seconds, minutes or longer. You and your teammates are hoping for intervention, a miracle… maybe… just maybe your Coach will change their mind?
Then the time comes. It’s real, and it’s going to happen.
No one wants to do this. And no one seems to want to go first.
No one jumps anxiously to be first to start the dreaded drill that is to you all.. nothing short of torture.
It may be in the heat of day and it usually takes place after everyone has already given their ALL. Everyone is spent. Everyone has nothing left.
Why even do this drill? Why now?

This is the time to Make a Path.
Why not be the first to challenge and conquer every doubt, dread, and self loathing feeling you have!
Be the first to say;
“I’ll go”! “I’ll do it”! “Follow Me”! “I will gut this out and I will show my coach, my teammates and Myself… It can be done, It will be done, and with a great attitude, and then followed up by encouraging all other’s behind me”.

Follow a Path –  Isaiah 30:31
Make a Path –  Philippians 4:13


Not because you must, but because you are willing