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SMILE … You Can Hear Better

Scoot up, Smile… so you can Listen Up. :)I do not claim to be any kind of Scientist, or even know much about Science at all! I am not even sure that Science is the correct field that would be the go to area to prove or dis-prove my observation.
Let me explain my observation;I have been jogging/running for around 30 years. Some of you may not realize, but people didn’t always have ear buds for iPhones and Andriods. We were sometimes seen jogging around with Cassette Recorders and bulky Headphones, until the iPod came out.
I began to notice with the introduction of the earbud type ‘headphones’, something unique, and it remains true to this day! (at least for me).
I Hear Better When I Smile.
While out jogging or running… I can be on my 1st mile, 2nd, 3rd… it doesn’t matter.
I usually have my ear buds the majority time running and I am usually listening to Audio Books, Podcasts, and sometimes, rarely music (the different beats effect my mood and stride).
Then one day Magic happened as I was approaching and about to pass someone I knew jogging towards me.
As custom to those of us that run the same routes and see the same people day in day out, we just flash a friendly smile and keep going (so as not to mess up our time).
On this particular day as we passed and I broadcast my slight smile… something happened I couldn’t ignore; I could hear whatever I was listening to in my ear buds BETTER? There was such a noticeable difference I had to try it over and over and over. And so I did.
I continued to run and as I did I would make a smile… and each time I could hear better.
Then I would let go of my smile… and I couldn’t hear as well. Now, no doubt I could still hear, but not near as clear and as bright?
This made me SMILE.
I began to think of how this is so true in our life. The life we focus on OFF THE FIELD. How we live our lives around other’s.
When we smile. We hear better. When we smile we are setting ourselves up to be open, friendly and more welcoming.
We are able to present a friendly face that makes the person talking more comfortable, and at ease. When we can hear more clearly… it effects our attitude. When we hear better… of course become known as good listeners!

I have seen this work several times… and my face has certainly been on the frowning end where the person I was/should have been listening too was unable to connect with me!

Chalk Talkies… this is about as scientific as I can get.
But… I have the proof!
Try it. It’s all between your ears.

It’s not because you must, but because you are willing.