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Leaders are Servers

Hey Coaches, Captain’s, and all that are placed, or find themselves in a leadership role;

We are not better than, above, or more than other’s.

We are servants.

Think of it when you are in a restaurant… your server is your leader. Think about and observe how they humble themselves to serve you. They do not treat as if you are to serve them.


Chalk Talk vol. 1

Remember it’s not because you must, but because you are willing.

Matthew 23:11




Hebrews 10:24
24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds

I try to run daily.
Running has always been a time of listening to music, podcast, Louis L’amour books, prayer and self reflection.
The other day I was about to run and noticed a rubber/silicone bracelet my friends at my local bike shop (Robins Bikes and Fittness )had given me honoring their friend who had suddenly passed. They told me his story… their story.
He was a very inspiring and an amazing man. His name was Laray.
How many of us receive these bracelets and perhaps never put much thought into them after we get them? No guilt intended here… we all we are very busy and we cannot remember, nor give pause to every request or need.
But, still… I try to run daily?
So, I felt led to put the bracelet on they gave me and run…and while I did… I thought of Laray and his story. I prayed for his family and friends.
You know what? When I knew it was too hot to run and it would be easier to just finish my 3.3 mile run… walking the last 1/2 mile or so.
Instead, thinking and knowing I was running for Laray… I kept going!
This needs to be said;
This is NOT a donation oriented idea, fund them, fund me, fund anyone.. this is not in anyway dealing with anything monetary!
This is very simple.
We all can take a normal activity out of our day and do it/use it thinking/praying, being inspired by someone else!
That said.. for me… Should you have a bracelet like one of these and you would like to send it my way? Send it to the address here including the story behind the bracelet. Thank you all.


Not because you must but because you are willing.