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Please Read the Instructions

You give your child A New Gift! A beautifully carefully wrapped present you know will bring great joy to your child!

The time comes…
The paper often ripped off the gift and the box/packaging torn open fast and furious! Right?
Nothing brings you greater joy than showering your child with this gift.
But, how often it is that the gift is damaged or ruined before it sees it’s purpose fulfilled… which is to bring your child joy!
Now as you watch your thoughts turn to praying and hoping they;
(A) Read the instructions first?
(B) You hope the gift came with instructions?
Stop and think about this.
Think about your past and maybe even more so… think about right now.  You see, you have been given gifts your entire life.
You may at first think of the gifts or presents you’ve received; Christmas, Birthday, or anniversary.  But, what about the gift’s you have received in the grand scheme of things?


Here is the Chalk Talk question; Where do you get your instructions?
When you realize you have been given a gift… where do you turn for instruction on how, when, why and where to use it (them)?
Do you rip through your gift(s)… bending, breaking, tearing and ruining it before you get instruction?
Or, are you more patient with the opening your gift, recognizing it, and you even look for instruction, yet… you don’t see any that came with it?  Or, maybe even more frustrating… there is a piece missing?
Good News!
There is a manual. A collection of books for every situation and circumstance you will encounter!  The first book I would recommend for more specific instructions would be The Book of Proverbs. The book is Chalked full of wisdom for most any situation you will ever encounter!
A Father would never give a specific beautiful and carefully wrapped gift to His children without instruction… Still, it is up to us as to whether or not we take the time to read them so they bring us the Joy intended.

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Not because you must, but because you are willing.


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