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Perfect Time Zone


Who’s time zone do you LIVE in?
Man’s time zone is practically ‘instant’. You see it… you want it… Click a button or two ⌨️ and you can get it within a day! But, then there are the things we can’t see; Tomorrow, Next week, Next game, Next season, College, Relationship’s, Career, Marriage?
These things you cannot know in an instant.
Should you stay in man’s time zone you might stay frustrated. You might worry, stress and find yourself anxious and grow disappointed because you want results NOW!

How about considering God’s Time Zone?
Work your butt off, 🏋️‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️make good choices 💪and be patient. Gods timing is perfect. Live in it!  Because when you do… what will you experience? Perfect Timing!⏱
Romans 8:25 “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience”


Not because you must but because you are willing

2 Responses
  • Amy
    December 11, 2018

    My “clock” is all messed up. I don’t even know what ‘timezone’ I’m living in. I just keep doing the same thing over and over. I truly need to get a new watch. Thank You Bryan❤️
    I may not see your posts regularly, but when I do, they are ALWAYS timely. 💪🏼👊🏼🙏🏼

  • Bryan Kennedy
    December 11, 2018

    Never worried about you!!

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