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ONLY you can make the call

temptation chalk talk your call image

We all are tempted.
We all face temptation.
Let’s look at the root word defined by Webster’s Dictionary;

tempted; tempting; tempts
transitive verb
1 : to entice to do wrong by promise of pleasure or gain

Hey… Glad to recognize all temptation is not of Evil…  You can be tempted to eat a little more ice cream, right?
But, when it comes to what you know to be Right Vs. Wrong…  Temptation is usually not visiting you tempting you to do the right thing… right?

The most interesting thing I find about temptation is that it does not demand from us, it merely suggest.
It does not and cannot make us act, react, or cause us to do anything!
When temptation visits you it’s your chance to be the Coach, QB, man with the ball, puck,  or ?…  with seconds left, and it’s going down to the wire.  Often you have to act fast… in fact it’s best to act fast… just turn and flee.  Thinking while tempted usually turns out bad.
You..  only you can make the call.


1 Timothy Chapter 6

Not because you must, but because you are willing.


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