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First, Me First

First, Me First

First, we should recognize that we must understand it’s not a good idea to put ourselves… first.
Most of us, at some point in our lives, have heard the following words, or the phrase that we may or may not know originate from one of two Bible verse’s…
Matthew 19:30 that says; “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.
Matthew 20:16 that says;So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”
A very strange concept… especially for an athlete… right?
Don’t worry.
Calm Down.
hese verses have nothing to do with where you might finish in a race, or winning or losing in any type of athletic competition.
Maybe you are reading these words for the first time?  Or maybe you remember hearing someone read them or say them to you?
Did you totally reject the concept and quickly label this concept as ridiculous and totally unfair!
Why would you not want to be
First in everything?
Why would you not want to be first in a race, a board game, a football, basketball, soccer, or baseball game?
Who would anyone think ‘last’ would be a desired goal?  Who in the world would want to finish last?

Actually… if one really looks at these verses in context; one would come to realize these words have nothing to do with being  first in a race, winning a game, or being first in any sort of athletic competition. First vs. Last has to do with The Big Race… (learn more here!)
Believe it or not…
First vs. Last has nothing to do with this Chalk Talk blog post.
So, why the title;
“First, Me First”.
Well.. to explain that I must bre/ak a BIG RULE of mine right off the bat here in the first Blog Post.
What rule is it?
Never talk about ME!
For this
first blog post… It is important for you to know that everything shared here… I must apply to ME First!
After all WE are in this together.
So, I  or Me…. must
first act on these thoughts I share here in these blog’s.
I must walk alongside what I am
led to write here and keep pace in putting them into practice in my daily walk.
I must think on these words and how they will certainly apply in my world, my life.
I must live them

We should all be challenging each other constantly and forever we should hold one another accountable.
We should always strive for wisdom, putting wisdom into motion and trusting it to le
ad us to doing the next right thing.  And, when we hit that mark…  when we ring that bell and we win the round… We should rejoice with great joy and encourage one another to continue training in wisdom!
And when we fall… we should get back up… help each other up!  We should be very careful not to judge one another. We should be accountable brave enough to take our lumps, and get back to training and learning, trying to get it right.  You know, maybe get a little “Chalk Talk”!

Know this; You … Me… We are all fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)
Fearful and Wonderful.
Yep..that’s us..
No matter what, Don’t forget that… Fearful and Wonderful.  Even when we fall.
So… Here WE go!
First, me first and I could only hope to finish Last (read more here about first and last)


Not because you must, but because you are willing.


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