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ESPN Fair Game


All right… Bring it in and listen up.
Take a break, relax… In fact let’s say for the sake of this blog post… your practice is over and I want to give you some things to do at home that might give you some perspective on why we do what we do!
How about a Chalk Talk on watching TV?
I would imagine most that read The Chalk Talk Blog Post have spent at least a fair amount of time watching ESPN. Even if you we have not been intently watching the channel, we most likely have it on… even while doing other things in our homes.
When you find yourself sitting in a room with ESPN on… or you are channel surfing, choose ESPN and spend some time watching whatever program is on at the moment.
What I would like for you to do is pay attention to the content of what you are watching.
By that I mean;

(1) How much of what is being shown is visual coverage of the actual game, players in a game or players in competition play? (even during a game notice the topics the commentators are discussing)

(2) How much of what is being shown is more commentator oriented? Are you watching those (TV personalities) giving their thoughts and opinions about; players and teams?

(3) Now what I really want you to take notice of is this;

How much of what you see and hear is devoted to the performance of the players on the field and how much of what you see and hear is devoted to the LIFE off the field?

Pay attention to notice how much of LIFE off the field or court is covered and discussed.
Notice entire series (30 for 30) that are dedicated to the athlete’s LIFE off the field or court.

Notice the discussion of behaviors, money, and lifestyles.

We all had coaches that coached us on the field and court.
With this in mind… Of all the athletes you saw on TV… how many of them do you think had a Coach giving equal coaching time to LIFE as they gave to their sport?

ESPN originally stood for ; Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
Sports competition/Live Games are entertaining with little help form commentary.
So… the content for commentary on the entertainment side usually comes from outside of the game(s) itself.
The individual athletes LIFE often becomes Fair Game for ESPN.

This means You!
Get Coached.
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Not because you must, but because you are willing.





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