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SMILE … You Can Hear Better

Scoot up, Smile… so you can Listen Up. :)I do not claim to be any kind of Scientist, or even know much about Science at all! I am not even sure that Science is the correct field that would be the go to area to prove or dis-prove my observation.
Let me explain my observation;I have been jogging/running for around 30 years. Some of you may not realize, but people didn’t always have ear buds for iPhones and Andriods. We were sometimes seen jogging around with Cassette Recorders and bulky Headphones, until the iPod came out.
I began to notice with the introduction of the earbud type ‘headphones’, something unique, and it remains true to this day! (at least for me).
I Hear Better When I Smile.
While out jogging or running… I can be on my 1st mile, 2nd, 3rd… it doesn’t matter.
I usually have my ear buds the majority time running and I am usually listening to Audio Books, Podcasts, and sometimes, rarely music (the different beats effect my mood and stride).
Then one day Magic happened as I was approaching and about to pass someone I knew jogging towards me.
As custom to those of us that run the same routes and see the same people day in day out, we just flash a friendly smile and keep going (so as not to mess up our time).
On this particular day as we passed and I broadcast my slight smile… something happened I couldn’t ignore; I could hear whatever I was listening to in my ear buds BETTER? There was such a noticeable difference I had to try it over and over and over. And so I did.
I continued to run and as I did I would make a smile… and each time I could hear better.
Then I would let go of my smile… and I couldn’t hear as well. Now, no doubt I could still hear, but not near as clear and as bright?
This made me SMILE.
I began to think of how this is so true in our life. The life we focus on OFF THE FIELD. How we live our lives around other’s.
When we smile. We hear better. When we smile we are setting ourselves up to be open, friendly and more welcoming.
We are able to present a friendly face that makes the person talking more comfortable, and at ease. When we can hear more clearly… it effects our attitude. When we hear better… of course become known as good listeners!

I have seen this work several times… and my face has certainly been on the frowning end where the person I was/should have been listening too was unable to connect with me!

Chalk Talkies… this is about as scientific as I can get.
But… I have the proof!
Try it. It’s all between your ears.

It’s not because you must, but because you are willing.


Leaders are Servers

Hey Coaches, Captain’s, and all that are placed, or find themselves in a leadership role;

We are not better than, above, or more than other’s.

We are servants.

Think of it when you are in a restaurant… your server is your leader. Think about and observe how they humble themselves to serve you. They do not treat as if you are to serve them.


Chalk Talk vol. 1

Remember it’s not because you must, but because you are willing.

Matthew 23:11


The HOME Button

RealChalkBoard_picture 2

It’s Christmas!
What better gift than an iPhone or Android Smart Phone! Although it’s likely everybody already has one. Maybe a new one?
Taking into consideration that most of you have had some experience with a smartphone… you are aware where the HOME BUTTON is.Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.50.33 AM
Do you have any idea how many times a day we click or press this button? in 2013 stated that on average a person check’s their phone 110 times per day… and up to 900 times per day!  That was back in 2013.
     The Home button is pressed at least once during those 110 to 900 times… just to turn it on… and who knows how many times after you check your phone you press the Home button, right? 

Consider the process;
You press the Home button to turn the phone on.
You then press a desired APP.
You press the Home button again.
By doing so you are able to start over.  Go back to the start with a fresh view of all your other options, or other APP’s.
So… You may swipe across the screen navigating pages… from one APP to another, and after locating your desired destination you simply touch the icon and you are there!
     More often than not along you way you may wander a bit and see a different APP that catches your eye, maybe reminds you of something, or makes you curious… so you press its icon, and down the worm hole you go.
     Sometimes you forget where you are?  Sometimes you forget what you intended to do, or you even forget what you started out to do?
     No worry… you simply Press the Home button and you are immediately back where you started from… back HOME, and you are able to begin again.

The Home Button

This Christmas I hope you all have a Home Button
     A place that after a year of plans, desire’s, dreams, tragedy, love, joy, failure, success, heartbreak, bad news, good news, birth’s, death, birthday’s, resolution’s, break-up’s, marriage’s, celebration, worship, unanswered questions and deep breaths… I hope you can press a home button and find yourself at HOME.
     APP’s are like adventure’s, right?
     You have uploaded, downloaded, side loaded, swiped, deleted, added, purchased, and you certainly have become frustrated with this APP or that APP.  Some adventures (app’s) were fun, some boring, some helpful, some a waste of time.
     Recently my buddy in Texas told me; “My life feels like one of those APP things … when I want to move it from one page to another… I hold it down and it starts shaking rapidly!  Like it’s crazy!  That’s what I feel like.”  Could it be we are all like that when we try to re-arrange things?  When we try to move something closer to home or further away from home?  Sometimes it’s just scary or it doesn’t work… we put it in the wrong place on accident.  What do we do?
     I told him to “Press the Home Button”.  GO HOME. Notice going home requires a decision and an action.
     Then the thought occurred to me; we ALL do not have a Home, or a place where we can go. Maybe we don’t have a home we find on a firm foundation.  We don’t have a place to regain our balance, purpose, and courage to adventure back out… so we press another APP.. then another. Finally… we gather the courage to try something new or delete something we know isn’t good for us. We move into a new portal in life, trying another predictable or unpredictable adventure and find ourselves shaky!
   It’s Christmas… and even though you may or may not find room at the Inn…  You have a place to go and someone to help build your own. 
Jesus said;

Matthew 7: 24-27

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

     No matter where you come from. No matter what your earthly Home button is or was like…  Good News!  You have another Home always available to you. There you will find other’s with the same heart.  There is a Home there for you. There in that home, there are many rooms.   John 14: 2

     And don’t worry all you new Android / iPhone user’s.  You may not have a physical HOME button, but HOME knows your Face and it’s always waiting and welcoming the chance to see it.
Home always recognizes your face!

I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas!
A perfect time to Press the Home Button, or at least show your face there.
God Bless You All.


It’s not because you must, but because you are willing. 




Perfect Time Zone


Who’s time zone do you LIVE in?
Man’s time zone is practically ‘instant’. You see it… you want it… Click a button or two ⌨️ and you can get it within a day! But, then there are the things we can’t see; Tomorrow, Next week, Next game, Next season, College, Relationship’s, Career, Marriage?
These things you cannot know in an instant.
Should you stay in man’s time zone you might stay frustrated. You might worry, stress and find yourself anxious and grow disappointed because you want results NOW!

How about considering God’s Time Zone?
Work your butt off, ?️‍♂️??‍♂️?‍♀️make good choices ?and be patient. Gods timing is perfect. Live in it!  Because when you do… what will you experience? Perfect Timing!⏱
Romans 8:25 “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience”


Not because you must but because you are willing


The Bar

The Bar.

It’s laying right in front of you flat on the ground.  From there… it cannot get any lower.

You stand with your feet right up to the edge of the bar.
In front of you are two poles with notches on them, each notch representing something related to goals or dreams.

You have many options;
You can walk away from your goals and dreams.
You can bend over… pick up the bar and move yourself toward the two poles. (this action alone is sometimes a seemingly huge goal… you can do it)
You can set the bar very low or you can set the bar; high, higher or highest.

I hope you choose to at least pick up the bar and move toward your goals and dreams.
Then I hope you take time to take carefully notice what each notch on the poles represent to you.
Be as specific as you can!
Maybe you start on the first notch?  That’s awesome! It’s a start.
Be determined to find a way to clear that bar.
It might take time.
You might have to practice and you might/will fail.
Still, practice and practice more. Do not quit!
Know… you can clear that bar! And, when you clear that bar… Raise it.

You will find each time you clear the bar you will be so excited and even look forward to raising it!

Should you have a fear of heights, don’t worry, you will gradually overcome this fear. You will become more sure and  brave each time your clear and raise the bar!
Then one day you will find your arms are raised to their maximum height placing the bar on the highest notch you can possibly reach.
And… when you clear that bar?  Look for people that are taller in stature and wisdom that see your abilities and gifts and that will raise the bar even higher.
These people will help you, coach you, encourage you, and give you a leg up!

Go ahead… pick up the bar.


Not because you must but because you are willing.


Your List

Scoot up and listen up and think about this…

What you have is nothing unless you; use it, let someone else use it, sell it, or you give it.

Take time to think about why you have what you have… and what you will do with it.

This Chalk Talk encourages you take inventory.

Make a list of what you have.

You might at first list material processions, that’s fine but don’t forget non-material gifts!

Concentrate on other gifts you will discover in your; personality, talents, and specific traits that others notice and cause them to be drawn to you.

Study your list and think… what you will do with what you have?


Not because you must but because you are willing.


Breaking down tape / life


Alright, scoot up and listen up.
I would ask that all Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey… and all sport outside football forgive my using the football model for this Chalk Talk.

Anyone that has ever played sports on a serious platform has studied tape.  Coaches and teams spend hours and hours breaking down tape.  They do this by taking the tape of the previous game(S) footage and cutting it, or editing it, into sections, something like this; Offense, Defense, Special Teams and trick plays.

We have spoken often here of the Coaching tools during our Chalk Talk’s of the use of the letters X and O, and what each represents; O for Offense, and X for defense.  Other sports might just use them to represent their own team vs. opponent.

We have also spoken of how valuable it is to know your position’s representation during a chalk talk, so that your coach might show you the design of ta particular play, or what may or may not happen in an predictable or unpredictable situation during a practice or game.

We have also pointed out the importance of TOW letter’s we find just as valuable or even more valuable than X and O, these two letters are; U and Y.  These represent all of us OFF the playing field or court.
U being You.
Y being Why you do the things you do and don’t do.

Today’s Chalk Talk wishes to point out the importance of breaking down your LIFE.
Studying specific situations, events, circumstances and understanding your assignment or a strategy dealing with the each past event we might study and learn from.

When we study tape on our next opponent… we must KNOW who they are, what they do, and what they are capable of.
We might focus on the Tight End, or Quarter Back, Running back, Center, etc.  We watch over and over and study their stance, their tendencies, strength’s and weakness’s (if any).  We learn everything from their height, weight, quickness and speed.
To best prepare us to know what we need to do to have success! To WIN!
So, what do we mean by breaking down tape, studying tape and strategy in LIFE?

Know your x’ and o’s in LIFE!
Know your players. Know those on your team and know those that aren’t on your team.
Breaking down tape in LIFE it’s SO important to study and know both!

Those on your team;
Know your Parents, friends, teachers, coaches.  Get to really know them.
Know the person that cuts your hair, the server at your favorite place to eat… know the person behind the counter at McDonald’s, or________?  Know the cashier at the Grocery Store, learn their NAME! Call them by their NAME.
Get to know them!
These are people on your team!
These are people that help you, serve you, provide you with things you need to have success in all the other things you do and want to do.

Then there are those that are not on your team.  Get to know them and understand their strategies!
Understand the road they wish to lead you down. Study their situations, circumstances. Don’t JUDGE them, but study the reason they are an opponent to YOUR GOALS, your path and the things you wish to achieve. Develop a strategy with your teammates mentioned above to outsmart, outplay, outwork them.

Success depends upon your teammates and of-course you being a good teammate.
Study your last weeks tape.
Study your last years season.
Break down your life’s reel of highlights and see the blocks you received that allowed you to score, who made those blocks… praise them, thank them… and lean on them for the next ‘play’.
Or, break down the block you made to allowed a major score in your life.. or the tackle’s, interception’s, sack’s you made that kept them from scoring!

Break it down.
Prepare yourself!
Coaching Principles provided in abundance in the book of Proverbs.


Not because you must, but because you are willing.


I know God will give you someone that pushes you for 10 more. #10more
I would love for you to read about my someone, Andy Anderson.  “Andy Wouldn’t Let Me” available in paperback and e-reader!

Two unlikely worlds collided at midfield.
Seniors on the same football team, Andy and Bryan barely knew one another before the season’s opening kick-off. But they would soon come to know each other in a way neither could have predicted, the common thread that first bonded them together: rehab sessions. Bryan’s was with his knee, and Andy’s with chemotherapy.
Andy Anderson’s unassuming physical talents were not in God’s recipe for him to excel in football, as God had bigger plans for Andy to inspire those around him for a more powerful purpose.



To: ___ From: You

TO: _______

FROM:  You

I have always been fascinated with the feeling one experiences giving a gift vs. receiving a gift.
As a child I remember wanting gifts, and of course I remember receiving gifts… some I wanted. other’s maybe not so much, but it was still exciting to receive them!
As I began writing this blog post today I got excited?
Because I challenged myself to recall my earliest grand memory of giving.
The first memory that came to me was the Turkey Hand trace/drawing for Thanksgiving to my parents… but, I continued the to search for the first memory of a gift I gave that was my idea.
Boom!  It blossomed in my mind and heart like yesterday! I remembered shopping for Mother’s and Father’s Day’s.
In particular I remember wanting to get my dad something for Father’s Day.  So, I began to want to give, and want to give something perfect for him, but way too young to drive, and long before Amazon. 🙂
Our family dogs have always been English Bulldogs.
I remember my mom driving by the Mack Truck dealer or office or?  All I know is it had Mack Truck on the front of the building and I knew Mack Truck’s logo was an English Bulldog.
So, I begged her to take me there cause I just knew they would have something I could get my dad for Father’s day.
Well.. we came home with a belt buckle and I am not even sure they sold them, but somehow my mom and I got one from someone there.
I gave this to my dad with great excitement and enthusiasm!
I am certain he never wore it, but GIVING this gift was awesome for me.  It really taught me the LOVE for giving.
(and I loved my mom for going the extra mile for me… her way of giving)

Give a little.
Give a lot.
Give stupid.
Give smart.
Give often.

Don’t think this blog is about Money… it’s about GivingRemember my mom driving me?

Food for thought;

Dr. Jorge Moll of the National Institutes of Health found that when a research subject was encouraged to think of giving money to a charity, parts of the brain lit up that are normally associated with pleasures like eating or physical intimacy.

So… Give

TO: _____

From: YOU


Not because you must, but because you are willing.



The Bench

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.


Who wants to sit on the bench?
Who wants their friend’s, peer’s, parent’s to come to a game and find them sitting on the bench?
Moreover; who wants to put in all the work, lift the weight’s, practice, train, put on weight, take off weight, starve, run, sprint, hit, or put in hours studying tape (of the next opponent to imitate) … to sit on the bench?
Who wants to seldom play, random play, or never play?

Chalk Talkies … Scoot up and listen up.
The Bench is full of awesome, courageous, selfless, humble, and rightly motivated TEAMMATES!
Should you be a starter? Don’t dare make the mistake of not seeing the value, dedication and sacrifice given without credit or glory from those sitting The Bench.

Proverbs 16:18
Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 29:23
One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor.

Take some time to recognize and thank your bench!
Pay attention to what I am saying; Always Humble yourselves… The Bench humble themselves Every Day!
Make it a point to let them know who much you need and appreciate them.
Huddle around them… and get a clap going! A chant! A cheer!  Lift them up! Make them feel like champion’s!!!
Do not let your pride think you are better then they are!
Do not let your pride excuse someone as ‘not mattering’.
Do not ever demean them!
Do not let your pride look down upon their ability or lack of!
Do not let your pride think of yourself ‘better’ then them!
Hope they challenge you.
Hope they push you.
Hope they want to play as bad as you do.
Hope they keep you on your toes.
Be thankful they are willing to go up against you perhaps knowing they are going to get their butt kicked or maybe embarrassed.
Be thankful they are willing to get ZERO glory.
Be thankful they are your Teammates.
Fight for them.
Take up for them.
Brag on them.
Lift them up.
Thank them!
Being wise is to be humble and realize your need for a strong, dedicated, loyal, hard working, motivated, challenging Bench.
Keep in mind; there might be many times in life, off the court and field, when you find yourself sitting The Bench.

Be humble either way and know; God love’s The Bench!

I humbly invite you to read my book; Andy Wouldn’t Let Me, to learn about the greatest Bench Player I ever knew. E-Reader or Paperback.

#Coachbk also recommends the Book of Proverbs as a solid instructional manual for anything you will or might encounter in Life.

Not because you must, but because you are willing.