Bryan Kennedy is credited as a singer, songwriter, author, playwright, actor, keynote speaker and a certified Life Coach. Possibly best known for penning over 10 songs including the three #1 Garth Brooks hits, the Ole Miss football star has written numerous works. They include two musical comedies, A suspense thriller, “The Lost Dog”, a personal inspirational motivational book, “Andy Wouldn’t Let Me”, and his Christmas Classic short story, “Charlie’s Favorite Christmas”. His own musical albums include “Dis-Connected”, “I’m so Jealous of Me” and “Made in the Shade”. Kennedy recently branched out acting in his first film; “The Secret Handshake” starring Kevin Sorbo. You will always find Bryan working on something new like soon to be a host on Sirius/XM Channel 55… The Garth channel.
Currently, Bryan is playing shows where he lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A good breather for Bryan after just finishing the North American leg of a three-year World Tour with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.